Offering Higher Education system with a view of producing a manpower of the highest quality to meet the multiple needs of economy and development of the knowledgeable Society.


To transform the Institution into one of the best Government Institutions of Higher Education in the Country, with the aim of developing citizens, equipped with the knowledge and skills and attitude to be the members of a knowledgeable society, committed to national development, respecting diversities present in the Indian Society, embedded with national and human values and responsive to national and social needs and the power of economic self-reliance.


  • To develop the knowledge, attitude and skills in the students to the nationally accepted levels of quality and standards.
  • To provide computer literacy as well as high level of competency in students regarding communication skills in Hindi and English.
  • To provide high quality higher education at minimal financial cost.
  • To develop effective collaboration with national and state level organizations for undertaking professional courses and research in priority areas at state and national level.
  • To develop strong commitment in the students towards national, social and community needs.
  • To protect and nurture the interests of women / minorities and weaker sections of the society.
  • To enhance the quality of teaching-learning process by increasing the academic and professional competence of the teachers.


Govt. Raza Post Graduate College, Rampur
Khusro Bagh ,Rampur - 244901(UP) India,
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