Extra Curricular Activities

4 Units (3 Boys and 1 Girls) comprising 100 students each.
4 One day Camps and one seven days Camp in every session.
In each Camp a number of activities and programs like- cleaning, beautification, cultural and social awareness organized.
Participation of students in National Programs, such as, Polio-eradication, AIDS awareness, Plantation programs, Voter Awareness, Literacy Campaign ensured.

1 Unit Boys (100 Members)
1 Unit Girls (100 Members)

Unit Name & No. 23 UP Bn NCC Moradabad (U.P.).
Sub-unit Name & No. A/ 23 NCC Rampur (U.P.)

Cadets admitted for C Certificate - 13 Boys
Cadets admitted for B Certificate - 23 Boys + 05 Girls
Cadets admitted in 1 Yr. NCC Training - 53 Boys + 11 Girls
Total Cadets admitted in NCC - 85 Boys + 20 Girls (105)

College team regularly sent for the university tournaments –
The college offers facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports (i). Hockey (ii). Cricket (iii). Football (iv). Handball (v). Volleyball (vi). Badminton (vii). Table Tennis (viii). Kho-kho (ix). Kabaddi (x).Chess and (xi). Atheletics.
Students have won several medals at Inter-University and National Sports Meets.
Annual Sports Day- Students are honoured with awards and prizes.

Our several athletes have received medals in the university meet of athletes and some sportspersons are regularly selected in the university teams of different games, like, hockey, cricket, Handball etc.

The efforts are made by the college for promoting healthy sports competition is provided the students having spirit of sports and sportsmanship are provided maximum opportunity to grow their talent. A regular practice is provided and the relative merits of the students are judged on the eve of annual sports every year. The winner students are honoured with prizes and boys and girls college champions are declared annually and also honoured on the occasion of annual function of the college.

Towards e-Education :
College is gearing up for adopting modern methods of teaching learning.
Audio-visuals (overhead projector, slide projector, multimedia, VCR, educational CDs, Video Cassette) are being used to display.
IGNOU room is equipped with disc to display UGC programs.
Proposal of college for Edusat terminal is under consideration and is likely to be installed soon.
College aims to provide education through smart room (virtual classroom).
CCTV camera installed at several points in main campus.
Innovative Practices:
College regularly organizes "Holi Milan Samaroh" on Holi day (by staff club of college).
"Eid Milan Samaroh" is also organized by the college after Eid festival.
College occasionally organizes programs like "Magnet Therapy Workshop" and workshop on "Intellectual property rights".
College celebrated "Golden Jublee" by organizing "Razarian Meet" (Distinguished Alumni participated).
Research Activities:
The College staff is actively pursuing research activities in a variety of manner. Several teachers of the college are engaged in publishing research papers, attending the conferences and supervising Ph.D. thesis (view details in ''Teachers Profile''). Selected staff members are also supervising the research projects also.

Zoology - Dr. A. K. Saxena has credit of supervising 4 major Research Projects (2 CSIR, 1 DST, 1 UGC). He has established a Research Lab for working on Phthirapteran Ectoparasitic Insects.
Dr. Surendra Kumar is currently supervising a Major Research Project (UGC) on Phthiraptera.
Dr.Jagriti Madan has also submitted a Project to UGC on Phthiraptera. Dr. Baby Tabassum has recently completed a UGC Major Project on Toxicology.

Chemistry - Dr. S. S. Yadav has completed a UGC minor Project. Dr. Yadav, Dr. Sunita Sharma, Dr. Roshan Singh, & Dr. Sahadev are actively guiding students for Ph.D.

Commerce - Dr. P. K. Varshney is guiding students for Ph.D. Two UGC Fellows (One MANF & One RGNF) are also working for Ph.D.

English - Dr. J. P. Singh, Dr. Vineeta Singh and Dr. Mohd. Aslam are actively guiding students for Ph.D.

Urdu - Dr. S. B. Rizvi is guiding students for Ph.D. In addition, one short term fellowships (ICSSR) has also been sanctioned in Deptt.

History - Dr. R. S. Gahlot is supervising students for Ph.D. One fellow has availed short term fellowship from ICHR.

Pol. Science - Dr. Arun Kumar is actively guiding Ph.D students. One ICSSR fellow has also worked in the Deptt.

Psychology - Dr. K. K. Angira, Dr. A. P. Singh, Dr. Meenakshi Gupta are actively guiding Ph.D students. Dr. Ajita Rani has completed a UGC minor Project. One UGC RGNF and one ICSSR fellow is also working in the Deptt.


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